Watersports – Sailing / Kayaking and Team Racing

Watersports begins this year on the first Friday of October with a 6-week programme, the programme is for anyone who wants to learn or improve the art of sailing kayaking, team racing and seeing the joys of being on the water.

We will be using the Royal Cork Yacht Clubs boats. Training is on every Friday for 6 weeks starting in October excluding midterm. It will begin after school from 1.30 to 4.30 with a crack team of local instructors/ Coaches.

Each student who does not know how to sail is taught the basics of sailing but all will improve their skills on the water with team racing fun.

Boats and lifejackets(buoyancy aids) are provided but warm gear that can get wet like a wetsuit is advisable. This programme will cost €60 which works out at €10 per week, please get this into the office or to Mr McGalde in an envelope marked watersports with your name on it before the first Wednesday of October.

We hope to get a team together to sail in competitions at Munstrs schools Team Racing championships at the end of March. Every student is welcome to join even if you can or can’t sail/ kayak.