Art, Craft and Design

The aim of the Coláiste Muire Art Department is to develop imagination, creativity, independence and resourcefulness in our pupils through the teaching and learning of a wide variety of practical and academic skills in the areas of art, craft, design and the history and appreciation of art. Our pupils have access to a range of Arts and Crafts media and there are unlimited opportunities to discover their potential in this subject. We prepare our pupils to embark on the multi-faceted career opportunities offered through engagement with Art, Craft and Design studies. We aim to foster a lifelong appreciation of art and visual culture through practical art making and creativity and also through the study of art history. Pupils are encouraged to visit galleries, museums and to develop an awareness and enjoyment of the visual world around them. International tours take place every year to facilitate further appreciation of the Arts. In recent years, we have visited London, Amsterdam, Rome, Florence and Venice.

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