Music plays an integral part of student life at Coláiste Muire Realt na Mara. Music is taught to all first year and transition year students and can also be studied at both junior and senior cycle. The new junior cycle course offers the student the chance to explore a wide variety of musical genres-classical, Irish traditional, popular music to name a few. They are also given the chance to learn the ukulele and to compose. Creativity is key and with the help of their teacher, they are guided through the world of composition and will reach the end of their Junior cycle with a collection of their own compositions. Performing is an essential part of the course and students are encouraged to perform on a regular basis. With a practical exam at the end of third year, students build up their confidence and creativity through studying music. Music technology also plays a vital role in music at junior cycle and students can use various platforms to learn to read, compose and edit music. Drumming workshops and a trip to see the Cork Pops Orchestra are among some of the activities students take part in.

Junior Cycle Music Curriculum

For Transition year, all students study a module of music. Preparing for the school show is included in the module and which is always an enjoyable experience. Not only are students encouraged to sing, they are given the opportunity to get involved with the technological side of things and can help out with the music editing and sound.

At senior cycle, students improve their listening skills, as well as further developing their compositional and performing skills. Through studying a selection of prescribed works from different eras and styles of music (classical, pop, modern, Irish), the student is given an insight into the mind of the composer and the performers. Students work towards a practical exam where a variety of different options can be chosen from. Music technology is a popular option here and students learn to use a software program called Musescore.

Senior Cycle Music Curriculum

Please follow the link to find out more about the leaving certificate music. Studying music can be a very enjoyable and creative experience for any student. The benefits for the student are endless-it can improve listening skills, concentration, it relieves stress and can improve self-esteem. No matter what corner of the world you are in, the language of music is always understood.


A wide variety of musical instruments-piano, percussion instruments, bodhráns and a school set of ukuleles.


Sound equipment

Data projector