Student Council

Student council

The Student Council of Colaiste Muire is a formally recognised body within the school community with responsibility for putting forward the views of students on a wide range of topics. The council works in partnership with school management including the principal and deputy principal, the Board of Management and the Parents’ Council to maintain a positive, safe and healthy environment where both staff and students are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

The student council is comprised entirely of students and supported by a liaison teacher. Each class group elects a prefect and deputy prefect at the beginning of the school year. Elected prefects then attend and participate in a full council meeting on a monthly basis where they express the ideas and opinions of their individual class groups.

The school also elects a head boy and girl at the start of every academic year 


Functions of the Student Council:

(Student Councils: A Voice for Students, Department of Education and Science, 2002)


Responsibilities of individual Student Council members: