In order to facilitate communication between the school and parents, we have opened up parental access to the VSWARE database in Coláiste Muir

The primary use for parents will be to receive student reports digitally and to have access to a student’s previous reports.

Parents receive an SMS message in which you will receive a username and guidelines in the the first term in First Year.

Parents will recieve a password which they can use throughout their child’s education.

If you have more than one child in the school, you should be able to view all reports with one username.

Parents can access a guide to logging in and a guide to using VSWARE here: support.vsware.ie/en/guides-for-parents

The Coláiste Muire VSWARE page is: colaistemhuirecrosshaven.app.vsware.ie

*When logging in, the username will often take the form of a capital letter followed by a full stop and then a number: eg. T.12345. Please make sure you inlude the capitail and the full stop.

*Some devices, especially phones, can cause isues logging in. If you have access to another device, give it a go.

If you have any difficulties logging in, please contact at: office@colaistemuirecrosshaven.org