Welcome to Geography

A wonderful subject that will allow students to make sense of the world around them and to answer the questions that they hear on the news each day.

Questions like:

  • Why does Ireland experience the weather it does?

  • Why is there such demand for houses in cities? What has inspired big television and movie producers to shoot scenes in Ireland?

  • How can we deal with climate change and protect our planet and its species.

Why study Geography?

Geography is a very useful subject. The skills students develop in class, through their textbook, skills book and class resources, are the skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

The ability to recognise patterns, and processes, to analyse data, to read maps and graphs, to debate and present and to live sustainability, among other things, are all fostered in both junior and senior cycle geography.

As students make their way through the geography curriculum they will deepen their knowledge of different topics, while also developing the important skills of a geographer. The real life examples and active leaning methods will make for an exciting learning experience.

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