Welcome to Coláiste Muire Realt na Mara, Crosshaven

Coláiste Muire is a co-educational Catholic Voluntary Secondary School under the trusteeship of CEIST and was founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1947. 

Here, in Coláiste Muire,we provide for the holistic development of all our students. Each of our 510 students brings something unique to our school and we value and nurture this. We strive to live out the core values of respect, kindness, hard work and community in our lives every day. As a school community, we pride ourselves on getting to know each individual student and we work hard to create an environment where all students achieve to their maximum potential and become resilient and responsible young people. 

Care of the student is at the heart of everything we do in Coláiste Muire .  Our pastoral care system is central and works to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment where everyone- both students and staff alike can flourish and grow. Every day in Coláiste Muire we, as a staff, work tirelessly to make Coláiste Muire one of the best schools in the country in terms of student care, academic excellence and extracurricular success and opportunities.

Coláiste Muire is renowned nationally for academic excellence, innovation, competition and care. We are so proud that all of our students at all levels achieve to their maximum potential and we celebrate this.  Each year the achievements of our students in state exams have consistently exceeded national standards. 

This year 6% of our Leaving Cert students achieved over 600 points, 36% over 500 points, 65% over 400 points and 80% over 300 points whilst  all of the students in our care achieved their maximum potential at all levels.

Our students also learn the joy, excitement and challenges of competing in competitions in a variety of areas. The success of students in BT Young Scientist, Young Enterprise, Young Economist,  Sports, Journalism, Coding, and many more are a source of great pride to everyone associated with our school community.

Sports also play a huge part in the life of our school.  Students enjoy participating success nationally in sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby, athletics, football and camogie.

We are also very proud of the digital strategy we have embedded in Coláiste over the last number of years.  All students continue to enjoy learning with the extra resource of chromebooks and all our classrooms are fitted with state of the art technology.

Our student body here in Coláiste Muire shares a common appreciation for the values of kindness, respect, hard work, responsibility, leadership and resilience.    Our caring, highly skilled and motivated staff bring with them a wide range of experience and talents which ensures a high quality of education for all of our students. They all share a dedication to the mission of our school thus striving to ensure the holistic development of all.

I hope as youbrowse our website you get a sense of what life is like for us here in Coláiste Muire Realt na Mara.  If you have any queries in relation to our school please do not hesitate to contact the school office by phone or email office@colaistemuirecrosshaven.org

With best wishes

Ann Doherty